Development Team Staffing
and Operations Support (India)

From the recruitment of the members to the required skill development,
your one-stop, go-to for team establishment in India

Recruiting, establishment and
managing developers in India

Nurture highly motivated and
skilled developers through
extensive management.

We provide support for establishments of developer teams in India. Our service doesn’t stop after the establishment of your developer team. We like to go above and beyond expectation. To ensure that the team we put together for you maintain optimal results and high performance, we provide extra care through extensive management.

What we do

  • Recruitment strategy and planning for developers in India
  • Recruitment support for developers in India
  • Post-recruitment support, and India HR management
  • Support for developer mentor and training support
  • Internal globalization concept planning

We adapt to various hiring requirements

  • Your company in India hire developers on your payroll

  • In case where your company hire the developer in Japan, the hired developer will be dispatched to Japan after acquiring a visa

  • On your behalf, we hire developers on our payroll in India

Support the establishment of
development division in India

Establishing a reliable base through
strong communication and mutual respect

We support the development of many Japanese companies, here in India.
Not only do we have access to India’s extended network of information, we also have in-depth understanding and great respect on their culture, values and business customs that are different to those in Japan.

Business affairs and responsibilities on professional advice on tax, labour and legal practice and compliances are partially shared with our affiliate,
Global Japan AAP Consulting Private Limited

What we do

  • Optimal strategization of Overseas expansion
  • Outsourcing for the establishment of companies in India
  • Recruitment and transfer support of developers in India
  • Advisory support for tax, labour and legal practice and compliances
  • Outsourcing for the back-office responsibilities